NVIDIA creates an AI that forms precise faces to the true ones


Stephen Hawking in Heaven does not like this.

Night night's night will be love for boys NVIDIA. We do not need to explain to our readers what An unpleasant valley. So when you watch this video, you will be fully aware that it will soon be a thing of the past. And obviously you had to start with the software.

It turned out that the company has just published the results of its most recent research project. Under the heading Stylistic architecture design for generic contradictory networks (GAN).

Where, in cooperation with specialized engineers have created the largest GAN. It is able to assemble a generator of counterfeit faces based on mixes of styles.

When a neural network for artificial intelligence includes the different facial features of other people, we combine them and create photorealistic faces:

A worrying valley: NVIDIA creates an AI that models accurately confront real

Each of the pictures we see there do not exist. It was created by artificial intelligence NVIDIA.

Maybe with darker skin tones You may feel some uncertainty about your loyalty. But the rest simply goes beyond the principles of the disturbing valley.

At first glance, anyone thought it was a photo of a real person. And this is frankly disturbing.

In the end, this project can be the first seed for a new era in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry.

Do not miss the video where it's explained in detail how this AI works.


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