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New T-Shirts FC Barcelona 2019-2020!

It is often more common that there are leaks with shapes of large department wardrobe, which are very quickly left. The great importance gained by this type of work and the exceptional importance of the commercialization of football clothes causes the entire world to move from sports companies to the environment of large clubs.

So, when we are sunk in the middle of the season, we are already surprised at the predictions about costumes next year. In this case, those who will be allegedly equipped with FC Barcelona with the aim of the 2019-2020 season, and which will be sold from the next summer.

First elastic culé will have a novelty that has never been seen in the history of the club, which we have already talked about for the second time, because instead of the lines azulgranas will paint these paintings. As for the other dress, it will be yellow with a diagonal strip of classic colors of the company.

This will be the first match of FC Barcelona 2019-2020

This will be the second match of FC Barcelona 2019-2020

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