New goals by Edson Puch after the first title with the UC


The talented horse reiterated his desire to return to La Rojo and make good Copa Libertadores with crusaders.

Edson Puch, despite being not tagged, was one of the great performances that crowned the Catholic University in Supercopa Easy 2019. Cruisers beat Palestine 5-0 and won the first title of the season.

Iquiqueño, who came to the pre-encounter today, has stressed what was done in the Sausalito stadium. "It was a great start to the year, I'm happy for what I'm doing in returning to Chilean football after a long time out"said the CDF."

Puch also set new goals for his first title in fact. "I came to play Libertadores and return to the national team, we want to have a good cup and in the first places of the tournament," he said. He also mentioned his absence from North America in La Roya.

"I do not know if you would call me, I'm not sure, but I want to be there and I have to continue to show that I'm back in. First I have to do things in a club that gave me confidence to come back," he added.

Before leaving for camarínes, he praised Gustav Quinteros. "He has a lot of merit, he has everything very clear and makes us understand his idea, things have been very good with him and he has a lot to do with all this," he closed.


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