"Nephews" Alexis' dream of their promises


Yesterday morning, it was very special for ninety children at Peñaflor's Friends of My Friends Center, as many of them could not fall asleep late, still impressed by the surprising visit of Alexis Sánchez, a football for everyone, who "bombed" the innocent, but he pointed to bone issues.

Although most of those who were satisfied with their new tennis or playing with stuffed dogs of Atom and Humber, the gifts that led the historical scribe Red at the Christmas party that he had armed had been his promise to walk through the pool "and close a football field in an enclosed space, all of which are very enthusiastic.

"The best Christmas present for everyone was their commitment to determine the well that supplies water to the pool, together with the determination of the facilities of the court, which speaks very well of him as a person, and everything was done privately," said the village director " My Friends ", Luis Ortúzar, who admitted that only half an hour before the start of the activity, he heard about Alexis's visit only.

Waiting for the green light of Manchester United's current striker, "Uncle" Mario Obregon, who has been in the home for 30 years, already takes into account how many days he will have to start the pool, which is the most anticipated for Kids in the summer.

"When a machine that drills on a Ferris wheel in one day comes, where you can take advantage of the coloring, then you have to wait for at least another two days to be operational. In other words, if Alexis gives the green light, in three days we will have a pool completely full, "said the maintenance manager.

As for land with an athletic track on one side, it will soon be planted with grass – thanks to the contribution of Parque del Recuerdo – and thanks to future assistance Sánchez will have a ball bar Do not fall into the neighboring houses.

For Luis Vargas, another "uncle" of the village, this field is blessed, and the fact that it will repair will encourage many children to follow the path of sport. "Nicolás Maturan, who even played barefoot, was established here, then he polished it and we took him to prove" U ". So I'm glad I will have improvements," he concluded.


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