Nelson Mauri and controversy in Colo Cole: "I with my world and the world flaites, with flaites"


Nelson Mauricio Pacheco, a former dive dancer, was unintentionally involved in the conflict that Juan Carlos Gaete faced in Colo Colo.

And that's through the radio's DNA, Jorge Valdivia was nicknamed the young attacker Nelson Mauri"What left him from the pre-season of albinos in Argentina."

Faced with this, the former Order had a questionable analysis of what Gaete lives in Colo Colo: "I can not take over the duties and flairs of the football field. This is not my world, so, if possible, I do not have much to say. "

"I with my world and the world of flutes with flutes",
stated in the statements collected by SoyChile.

Lastly, Nelson Pacheco said that he has nothing to say about "the internal sizes that exist in social groups that do not suit mine. There are internal sizes in prison, gays, bottles, etc." So, because I do not master their humor, I do not know what I could say before the topic.


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