NASA shows photos of the "potentially dangerous" asteroid Benn, which will touch the Earth in 2135 [VIDEO] | Photograph 1 of 5 | Science


The NASA She posted pictures taken with the OSIRIS-REx mission, a probe sent to the Bennu asteroid to observe the characteristics and composition of its surface.

Black and white photographs were captured with the NavCam1 space probe OSIRIS-REx in December last year and showed several phases of its motion, in addition to the northern and southern poles.

Bennu has a diameter of 500 meters and is rich in carbon. The most surprising however is that astronomers have announced their approach to Earth by 2135.

Reasons that led to NASA Looking more closely at this asteroid is mainly due to three reasons:

– Bennu is considered potentially dangerous to the Earth due to its proximity and size. Therefore, experts want to know more about their career.

– In addition, it is so old that it can reveal many secrets about the source of the solar system.

– Finally, researchers want to know if their mineral resources and their water content can be exploited in the future

According to data from. T NASAThis space scale revolves around the Sun about 300,000 kilometers from Earth and would be the main potentially dangerous object for our planet.


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