"Nano" Díaz to Martina Palerma: "I understand the pain of DT that has not reached any goal"


Follow the controversy between Martín Palermo and Fernando Díaz. Earlier this week, the Argentinean accused that it was known that Nano intends to want to take its place as coach of Unión Española, also the sports leader of the Order.

And the new coach of the Hispanics is a counter-attack with the exocarol Boca Juniors during the presentation as a new stratum box of the colony, accompanied by the chairman of the Santiago Perdiguero club.

"I understand the pain of a technique that has not achieved any goals, it is difficult to repel the technique, especially if you were an excellent player. To leave the institution and become muddy is ugly. I would not like to enter the answer to the concepts one by one, of course no one is satisfied with "lies, lies, that there is something left "", recognized at a press conference.

"You always expect things to be said in your face. I do not post messages through the press. The coach always decided everything and the club gave him everything. It brought 20 players, but certainly the taste of Martin Palermo. I hope to be in a club where I can bring so many players and I can not agree on a pair, "he added.

After Palermo withdrew, Díaz said: "When things start to emerge this year, when techniques with less experience are dealt with by directors, directors and sport directors, it is difficult to continue. It's very difficult to talk about the owner or ask you to leave kanchero. "

"Our commitment is to eliminate this problem without getting tangled with the miracle, chimuchina. It is not normal that DT leaves when it is not left much, but the club decided and asked me to take"He concluded.


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