Saturday , July 24 2021

Miyamoto emphasized the role of young developers in Nintendo's strategy

At the last meeting of Nintendo's shareholders, a senior leader and creator met Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, explained what the company's strategy is to maintain its tradition and integrate new generations of developers in its work.

Asked about the announcement of Nintendo Switch's sales forecast and its relationship to the software development process, Miyamoto said that the company puts on to join veterans' teams with the young, which brought the company a unique brand.

"I continue to give more responsibility to young people and I think that we owe them to establish a unique development structure for Nintendo, Miyamoto showed. "I want to continue to promote their growth, while." we keep the unique way in which Nintendo makes games. "

At the same meeting, Miyamoto explained that the decision to involve young people in the work of the company this is not an attempt to connect with a younger audience, but responds to the idea of ​​offering a wide range of betting.

"The reason for transferring responsibilities to the younger generation is not that I feel that I can no longer be in contact with a young audience," said Miyamoto. "In." I do not believe that Nintendo developers stick to their classics and can not create new things. They do not have to worry because in today's world we can respond to a wide variety of preferences. "

In this regard, the developer of the veteran wanted to explain his point with a sports reference.

"In the baseball, if you want to make a home run, you need a strong hit to send the ball out of the stadium," said Miyamoto. "In the same way, we take new and risky games without fear of failure. And because Nintendo has the power to do it, we can try to make home games instead of giving a gentle blow. For me, this is a fun business.

Although at a meeting the shareholders questioned the company's estimates of the company's profit and the success of its latest titles, Miyamoto said that the current forecast for the industry "Like a dream for us".

"The number of consumers with access to games has been widespread, and now they are better able to understand digital media, so a really good idea can create a big deal in a moment." miyamoto. "One of the things that makes Nintendo so appealing in such a scenario is this our signs have been known for generations, like Super Mario, who will be 35 years old next year.

"Super Mario Party." he sold more than expected in several demographic groups, and I noticed that Consumers always come back if we take advantage of these signs and create fun products. It's about putting value, this is the essence of our brand strategy. It's not about tethering the names of believers, so keep an eye on our upcoming titles. " he added.

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