Minsal launches campaign "Rapid Test HIV Verano 2019" | News


The Ministry of Health announced the campaign "A quick test of the summer of 2019", which will be carried out free of charge and in January and February in all municipalities and the primary health care center of the country.

According to health authorities, a rapid test is installed in 99% of the municipalities and 96% in the country's basic health care centers.

"With this challenge, which we have as a country, there are very discernible data." HIV has increased in the last ten years, but now it is a chronic, preventable disease. And we do this, we are especially sensitizing young people, "said Health Minister Emilio Santelices.

"A quick test and the promotion of safe sex are measures that help protect young people." The other matter included in the plan is the PrEP tablet, which did not exist in Chile and will be delivered in accordance with UN Sida guidelines. There is also the distribution of male and female condoms, "said Santelices.

The action began on December 7 in the Bellas Artes Museum, and the exhibition "Chile has Sida" will be presented until January 27. HIV-AIDS.

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