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Mea culpa Luli Glamorama

Author: A. C. / December 8, 2018

On this occasion, Nicole Moreno moved to the "dark side of power".

The model popularly known as Luli has admitted to La Noche Nuestra that while her ex-half Rodrigo Rocco slept, she took her cell phone, examined her and extracted the sexual video with another woman who later loaded Instagram.

Nicole described in detail the truth about the scandal that took place last October. Then, in his Intagram, he showed a few minutes when it was possible to identify Rocca, and not his companion.

Shortly after Moreno denied that she was. And now she shot the whole picture in the last night of the Chilevisión night, animated by Pamela Díaz, Jen Philippe Cretton and Felipe Vidal:

Jean Philippe Cretton: "In October of this year, you uploaded the uploaded video into your Instagram stories. What happened? How was the video uploaded? Was it intended?"

Luli: "I'll tell you the truth, I'll be honest. At that time, I was in a relationship with my ex, and we went on a trip. We ended up and lasted for a year and a half.

"We ended up in July, from July to August we were completely separated, every single one. I live my bachelorhood so that I still … It is to live in his masculinity. I was mourning, so virtually. I respected him, I did not I had a boyfriend, I was not unfounded, independent, that we were done.

"It turns out that this guy, Rodrigo, was with a girl. I'm a super feminist and I do not want to let her go bad.

"Rodrigo finally agreed that I met the relationship with which she was with her for a month. He was single for 20 days, then he was with this girl. She likes the same for her because she believed him and everyone.

"This cock gave him a message of conscience, and he was looking for me and invited me to Punto Cano. It was alleged that there was reconciliation and everything. Obviously were beautiful moments, good times, bad times, bad times.

"This guy always told me about her badly that she was with her, because she was her chance to be a member of the hairdresser's salon. El weón, Rodrigo Rocco, during a lonely and lonely place in Punta Cana"

Crettón: "It's an erotic drink"

Luli: "Instead of mmm … There is a paradise, and then I checked my cell phone, so I'm saying that because I already got over it. If I left the cell phone next to me, I started to see who it was, what it was, who gave it" I like it. "Destroyer And the one who searches always finds.

"I found this video among all the photos and videos. I sent it to my WhatsApp"

Pamela Díaz: "But what does all this have to do with it?"

Luli: "Now come in. We returned, we gave a chance, never changed. One day, we faced Alto Las Condes, who was ill-disputed. He spoke to me in a way that did not match, he told me things they hurt me, it hit me like a woman.

"What did I do? I called the girl," I was with her for … "," is that I do not know what. "Nevertheless, I will not tell the details.

"I said," look, and that? "Do I order it?" And finally he finally came back to me because the video, yes, I admit, I uploaded it. But in anger, because at that time he treated me badly, he spoke to me nasty things "

Diaz: "Did you upload the video and upload it?"

Luli: "Then I said," I would not like you to do this to me, and I thought about her, about this girl "

Diaz: "But in the video you did not say a name, nothing"

Luli: "No. I came in and transferred it. It took nothing, 10 seconds? Instead of thinking about this guy, I said," I'm going to blame her. "But then everyone thought that I was.

"No one can say, I really tell them, guys, no one can say they can find a video about me. It's not my polo, not the former or the future, or anything else I've never done it before. It seems completely normal to me, but I did not do this, but no one can say this about me. "

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