Mario Salas interrupted the silence and mentioned Juan Carlos Gaete's absence in Colo Colo – Football


© Agency One. Mario Salas interrupted the silence and drew attention to the absence of Juan Carlos Gaete in Colo Colo

"Commander" has warned that the player has a special permission to solve some personal problems, in addition to excluding any kind of indiscipline or peer problems. TVN


Mario Salascoach Colo Colo, For the first time, he publicly mentioned the dispute which affected the albos after the armature Juan Carlos Gaete in preseason.

In a conversation with the official website of the popular club, the coach said thatWe are in constant contact with Juan Carlos. At first he came up with the best mood, with great motivation to participate in the training. Like the past days, there were some situations, we talked with him, whether we are available to all people who work with us to solve some of the issues or know some of his circumstances.

In this regard, the "master" added that "our psychologist José Mena is available to him." Eventually he did not show the same motivation at the beginning, did not attend some training … Our purpose is to care for the person, the development of Juan Carlos, we understand that he is in a very special position that leads him to solve his problems. and with us at your disposal"