Saturday , July 24 2021

Marco Estrada | They are issuing a new arrest warrant against the former elected in La Roya

The people of exseleccionado again have problems with the justice due to a million dollar debt for maintenance.

Again Marco Estrada This is being done through a complicated judicial situation after another debt arrest warrant was issued for a million dollars, according to Radio Bio Bío.

The people of exseleccionado experienced a similar moment in August when it is Family Court in Quillota He was charged with not paying 24 million pesos to his 19-year-old daughter.

Although he was not arrested because he reached an agreement on a guarantee of 5 million pesos per month in September and did not give up in the last part of 2018. Now the outstanding amount is close to 2 million.

Marco Estrada, now playing at the El Bajío de Quillot Youth Club, owes money from 2009 when he agreed to pay 500 thousand pesos a month, which he did not do.

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