Mane Swett revealed how her body looked like when in adolescence she suffered for psoriasis TV and playback


It was in 2007 when actress Maria Elena Swett revealed that she has been struggling with the disease since the age of 17It gives psoriasis, which causes skin damage, especially the knee, knee, neck, face and scalp. Twelve years later, the situation is a memory of the artist.

This was her own Mane Swett, who revealed how her skin looked like when she suffered from this illness, which in her youth affected her face and neck as she began her career on television.

In that year, Sweet showed in an interview that his body with this disease somatiziralo everything bad and added that he tried a lot of treatment.

"I have psoriasis. Somatizo everything that happens to psoriasis. My body does it without me. The possibility is that I can not do anything to stop it. It started at the age of 17, and since then I've tried everything: capsules of light, creams and nothing worked for me, "he said at that time.

Although it is not known whether the actor has completely overcome the illness, the referral only occurs then celebrates 40 years and works on projects outside television.

In this regard, his final work on TVN was a TV series Wena Profe, which was broadcast in 2017. Swetta released the public channel in mid-2018.

It should be noted that psoriasis is a very hereditary disease, depending on the clinic of Las Condes, although in developmental factors such as Exposure to the sun, infection, physical or mental stress.

"There are many patients who do not know anyone whose psoriasis is close, and maybe this is precisely because they did not always show disease to all susceptible people or because they had mild psoriasis and were replaced by nervous dandruff, dry skin or smaller problems, "said Dr. Fernando Valenzuela.


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