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Maldonado and Argandoña do not hide their "weaknesses" for their uniforms


In the midst of the funerals in which they were affected in the last two presentations, such as Las Indomables, Raquel Argandoña and Patricia Maldonado fully defended the defense they had from Carabineros until the exit from Llolle and showed their taste for a man with a "uniform".

The animators of the "Unlimited" program of Radio Agricultura talked about Monday's persecution of groups of people after the presentation, in this scenario, Maldonado defended the role of Carabineros, according to the criticism of why officials spend time in situations such as those from the weekend.

"Carabiners are there to protect the safety of all Chilean citizens, including" your ", When someone wants to 'fix', they are also protected by Carabineros, so we are not happy that Carabineros defended us, "said Maldonado.

Argandoña described in detail the departure to the police car, where he claimed to have been surprised by the physical properties of the GOPE soldiers.

"It's no wonder women are going to the demonstration," he added, to which Maldonado added: "With all due respect, my uniform is killing me, you know he kills me, makes me upset, you know that I see this and I fall there, "he said.

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