Luli returns to criticism of Instagram for his "inappropriate" publication


Undoubtedly, these last days were quite complicated for Nicole Moreno or "Luli", when his son was involved in the shooting, which caused the minor's life-threatening injury.

Exconic Mekano he had to deliver the minor to the investigative police and the judge decided to leave him in temporary detention at the Senate Center for 100 days, during the investigation.

But what is happening to her son seems to be a separate issue from the lively "Chic Style" cheering group, in its Instagram account, shared a new publication promoting the event in Iquique, in which it will participate.

The image was highly criticized, in this it seems smiling when the victim shot in a serious state and Your son is involved in this.

"With a lot of sadness, but I have to continue working. See you tomorrow Iquique in @DreamsIquique, there was a text that accompanied the controversial image.

Instagram Nicole Moreno

"You will really go on with your events while your son is in the hay??? Pay attention to him more, give him more attention, now he needs you; in the end, this is what kids do just to look for their parents, look at everything that has happened, and still do not realize it? Leave everything and make sure that you have a mother, what money you have and you have!!! "was a tough comment on @ val3_skate, which got more than 400 images.

And so, dozens of comments have ensured that "he does not know where he stands","you are an example that you must not follow"But"You can apologize to your family that your son killed his life … that would make you great"


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