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Diaz admitted he spoke with Teófil Gutiérrez from Buenos Aires, the river and his fans. The Barranquilla striker is an authorized voice that gives the best reference to the current champion of America.

"Theo I ask how the river is and always with me speaks very well about the club, the fans and the city that fills me with confidence." Let's wait to see how it will end, and for now I'm still training with Junior, "he said.

Guajiro quickly entered the seat. A few minutes later, "Teo", wearing a T-shirt from the Houston Rockets (NBA), was released. Smiling, as usual. The striker Barranquilla attended the fans who were waiting outside and then stopped to talk. The case "Luis Díaz" could not have been absent. The attacker expressed his support for the Krai, regardless of the decision he had taken.

"Teo" has closed the guajiro since his arrival in the first team, which Díaz always thanked publicly every time he was interrogated. "I always behaved for this because I helped the younger, much more for him who is from the coast, from the quarry, he learned a lot and now is spending a good moment. I always told him, you must first be a champion with Junior and then to jump wherever you want, "said an experienced attacker.

"When you talk about the river, this is most talked about in South America and around the world. Everyone wants to get there. I was lucky to be there to live the best moments in this institution. Tell" Lucho "to make the best decision to the group supports it. Wherever it goes, we will be proud of it because it works well and goes out. His triumphs are also ours, "he added.

Fuad Char, a shareholder of the rojiblanco club, and his oldest son, Antonio, President, arrived at the site in full hour. The presence of both showed that there could be a white smoke in the administrative staff around this issue. The sum was confirmed with the subsequent arrival of Alejandro Arteta (substitute legal representative Junior), Carlos Van-strahalen (representative of Luis Diaz) and Luis Felipe Posse (agent of players representing the river).


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