Los Vilos: Carabineros seized $ 20 million in marijuana plants


In the framework of its national plan for the eradication of illicit marijuana products. T OS-7 Carabinerosa carried out the largest planting of cannabis plants this year in the rural sector of Tilame, in the municipality Vilos, Coquimbo Region.

With the support of Aeropolissea, OS-7 officials found it six large crops, located in hard-to-reach places: hidden in the gorge and the hills of the sector.

With the authority of the Los Vilos Court, three were burned in the same placein the meantime the rest was collected, which represents a total of 7,105 sativas of cannabis plants, with a height of between 0,7 and 2,0 meters in height.

A kilogram of 925 grams of manufactured marijuana and 12 millimeters of cartridges was seized.

"Carabineros has managed to remove more than two tonnes of drugs worth more than $ 20 million in illegal profit, which is almost 14 billion Chilean pesos", marked captain carabineros Mauricio Maureira, the leader of OS-7.


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