Saturday , March 6 2021

Long lines before the arrival of Mexican company Distroller in Chile

Santiago, November 17 (Notimex) .- Mexico's entertainment company Distroller arrived this week in Chile, which created long lines of interested parties to acquire three production lines that will be marketed in this South American country.
Shop Almacenes Paris from Costanera Center has been wearing a long list of parents and children interested in purchasing toys from the Neonatos, Chamoy and Amiguis and Virgencita Plis lines in the last few hours, an image that was repeated in mid commercial Parque Arauco.
The activity will be repeated next week at two other shopping centers in the Chilean capital.
Distroller was born in 2004 by Amparo Serrano ("Amparín") and soon became one of the leading entertainment companies in Latin America, with more than six million toys sold a year.
Helena Soulayrac, director of the international federation of the Distroller, said that "this is our international presentation in society. We do not only sell products but experiences for children, adults and children."
He noted that "the brand that connects emotionally, how to listen to children in the heart, is a brand with values, with a very important and powerful value as imagination".
He said that they have already opened shops in several cities in Spain, in addition to sales outlets in Panama and Peru, which join the four in Chile to be launched, and others in Colombia, which will be opened at the latest in January.
He stressed that the markets of Argentina and Brazil are also being considered in the future, "because it is a universal brand where language is not an obstacle in the case of Brazil".
Director of Distroller International, Gaby Pavón, said that "the expansion plan is being implemented by local distributors, since they have market management in each country."
He added that "our brand offers sustainable, long-term entertainment, brand building, high added value products, and Chile has another commercial model, so we had to get almost three years of negotiations."
"We are proud and very happy, bringing the flag of Mexico as high as we can, it's the opening we have been doing in a month and a half and wherever we have had more than a thousand people in our activities, where we reach the heart of the cheerleader," he said.

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