Liti's investments in Argentina are higher than investment in Chile


Moreover, the publication of El Cronista means that Chile has "pressed" on Argentina to adopt a common policy on lithium in both countries.

Mining is one of the strongest pillars of the economic development of Chile. Owners of large quantities of mining resources, traditionally, have attracted more investment in this sector than Argentina. However, in the case of lithium, the exception is.

"Among all the projects that are in the stage of research and development in industry, the investment ratio is 10: 1 in favor of Argentina," said Waldo PĂ©rez, President and CEO of Neo Lithium, a Canadian mining company that will invest US $ 490 million in Catamarca . The country, he added, is the second world destination for investments in this mine, which, due to its importance for the technology industry, is considered "white gold". The first, he said, is Australia.

According to Ignacio Celorria, partner Alfaro Abogados and a specialist in mining law, investors who saw Chile face an important barrier: state interventionism related to the minerals. "In Argentina, lithographic projects do not have a different arrangement than others, so there are more investments for the research phase," he said.

Sources of the sector underline that Chile has been forced by Argentina to adopt a common policy on lithium in both countries. "The country does not suit him: in this case, we would all invest in Chile," explained Celorrio.

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