Lichnovsky's Blue Cross was tied to a visit to America and he climbed to break the curse


Cruz Azul He appears to have been persecuted because he was the last Mexican football champion in 1997. Even in the case of five competitors under this title, especially those lost in an incredible way in 2013, Mexico is talking about cruzazulear every time, when someone "loses" in the last case. But now, on Aperture 2018, they have a new opportunity to they took this mufo and made a big step after equalizing without goals against America in the first part of the Aztec tournament finale.

After presenting excellent performances in the previous stages of the Mexican Aperture playoffs, a team of Chilean defender Igor Lichnovski, who was a beginner and was the whole game, "visited" the Aztec Stadium to deal with the Eagles and make a forgettable game. Despite the expectations of the meeting, the teams were far from the meeting and Finally, there was little and nothing to expose.

Now, when the first game is not damaged, he has to determine everything else in the next stage, next Sunday, December 16 at the Azteca Stadium, starting at 9.30. In the event of a tie, the goal of the visit will not be taken into account, all should be defined in the extension and later, if it is followed by equality, with penalties.


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