Libra – Monday, March 25, 2019: What you thought will happen to Horoscopes Libre


Astrological News: The Moon is in Sagittarius in four vibrations, the strength, the basis of the pyramid. All planets are direct, except Merkur, which goes back to Riba. Your ruler, the Venus planet, is in Aquarium.

The effect of the Moon in transit through the element of fire, like your air, creates a harmonious tone in your environment. This is a Monday solution, in which you will complete a question that has bothered you and take your questions forward, both working and economic, Libra.

In heart matters, you will have the opportunity to take a short trip or activity in which you and your partner can have fun together. Also, if you are single and looking for a company, do not underestimate the possibility of having fun with nice and spontaneous people.

How does every Zodiac sign get angry?


Retrograde mercury tends to some unstable emotional states. Remove those emotional concerns that revolve in your mind, and do not allow yourself to focus on what is truly important to you, such as your relationship and the common life with someone who means a lot to you.

You are at the moment of cosmic energy and health problems fall into the past. Today, you are surrounded by an atmosphere of improvement and stability, very good for launching healthy projects that you have loaded yourself.

If you do not have a permanent job, it's time to find it so that you will have a stable income every month. This will allow you to better tailor your economy, so look for ways to get additional work on this day that will provide you with the necessary money for this season. Good work is waiting for you.

Want to know what others think about you?


Money and wealth
Today's planetary combinations encourage you to new forms of economic development. Wait a bit before you make an investment because there are better offers and opportunities, just keep up and you will find optimal, especially after March 28, when Mercury stops retrograde transit.

Today's astral biorhythm
Sexual energy this Monday: moderately increasing throughout the day.
The cosmic dynamics that you must use: Librian charisma, which is reflected in your fascinating personality.
Today's dangerous trend in your Libra sign: Promise something under emotional state, which then arouses you.
What to Avoid ?: Haggle and Odds.

Forecasting couple for Monday
The best relationship today: this Monday will be very good for you if your partner is an air sign above all Libra and Aquarius, and you also fit well with Leo and Sagittarius.
The most tense relationship: there is not much tension, if there are any, it would be in the Capricorn sign.
Your current compatibility: Compatibility is good for that day.
If you are single or single: in the coming March days you will discover the difference between reality and fantasy, dreams and sentimental realities.


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