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Kevin Hart is retired from the Oscars in 2019 after the conflict of his homophobic tweets

Kevin Hart is a new example that we all have to delete from the past if we get a very public service. Like President Pedro Sanchez and director of "Galaxy Guard" James Gunn. The Hollywood Academy chose a comedian and actor "Vaya patrol" and "spy and half" to present Oscar in 2019, but ended with retirement from a situation due to polemics arising from old homophobic tweets.

Kevin Hart

In two videos on Instagram (one of them was shot from the bed, with no shirts, but with many chains), Hart commented on the controversy: "Uncle, I'm 40. If you do not believe that people are changing, mature and evolving when they become older, I do not know what to tell you if you want people to maintain a position in which they will always have to justify their past I am not the person ". In videos, the actor explained that the Academy had asked him to apologize for his scarf against the LGBT group: "I have decided to apologize … (…) I have spoken on several occasions about this … (…) I already said who I am and who I was then".

A few hours later, Hart finished tweeting to finally retire from the position of Oskar leader because "I do not want to be deterrence to the night, which should be celebrated by many talented artists". Despite what he claimed in the videos, the comedy apologized in this tweeti of the LGBT community "for the insensitive words I have in the past said".

A controversial year for the Academy

Thus, the Academy is in a position to find a leader, leader or leader who will be in Dolby Theater on February 25. Because of what was said in the media, the situation is difficult to fulfill. He's not paid enough and he's the risk of anyone's career, because Dani Roviro can testify with Goyo.

This match with time in the search for the host joins the controversy that triggered the formation of a "popular Oscar" who is supposed to reward a movie for her business success. Following criticism of industry, the media and the public, the Academy decided to postpone this unclear proposal to a gala that will take place in 2020.

15 films that are already fighting for Oscar 2019

1 "Irish"

There's a movie that you just have to give just to discover that your chances of ending a good handful of Oscars under your arm are important. And "Irishman" is one of the most obvious in this season. It's not just about returning Martin Scorsese a mafia genre of bloody streets, but he was accompanied by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel, to complete the fulfillment of the general dream. Is it the only element against? Comes from Netflix's hand. It seems to be "a bit" in front of its undeniable sights. "A" however, "the bigger the fact is that the film will need a very long production, and the premier is not expected until 2019, so I would not come in time for the next Oscars. Is it early to start the Oscars 2020?

Irish in eCartel

2 "Tully"

We can not cheat, the last two films signed by Jason Reitman, "Living in Three Days" and "Men, Women and Children", They were an accident at all levels. We are not talking about the disappointment, the eye, but the perfect shipwrecks without the possibility of a recurrence.

However, we do not lose hope to restore the best version of "Juno" and "Up in the Air" responsible person, and less when returning with "Tully" accompanied by Charlize Theron as the protagonist and Diablo Cody as a screenwriter, a combination that has already shown its virtues in underestimated "Young Adults". Discussing critics, we have a serious candidate to get amongst other categories, such as the best actress and the best original script.

Tully in eCartel

3 "Wildlife"

In his time at Sundance, "Wildlife", the debut in the direction of the player Paul Dano, always an interesting guy in front of the camera, did not stop adding adepts to his (oscarizable) cause. It seems that star Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould and Jake Gyllenhaal have a story about the family breakdown in the 1970s, that everything on her side has the necessary share of independent films that belong to the most important categories at night.

Taking into account what happened in the latest edition of the "Lady Bird" and "Let me out" prizes, it is clear that the first operas in this new phase of Oskar have a lot to say. Will we be ahead of the other "newcomer" with the statue he has?

4 "Island Dogs"

Since its last premiere at the Berlin Festival, it has celebrated "Isla de Perros", the new animated proposal by beloved Wes Anderson, It seems to be the sixth fixed march against the Oscar for the best animation film.

In the year in which the big opponent, Pixar, shot to continue "Incredible 2", one of the rare areas where the academy did not receive enthusiasm, the director of the Academy "Grand Hotel Budapest", a masterpiece, is the favorite to win one of the sculptures in the evening. The question is in any case Get to know your chances to fight for other prizes in the night, such as the best movie. You can never exclude a good old Wes.

The island of dogs in eCartel

5 "Widows"

After winning Oskar for the best film for his exceptional "12 Years of Slavery," in one of the most competitive races of recent years, mainly due to the sublime "Gravity", Steve McQueen returns to the director's chair with "Widows", one of those projects that seem intended in its entirety or nothing. Adaptation of British miniseries "Widows", this project also predicts the premier of the director in the field of the purest thriller, a genre in which he is supposed to try to transfer his very special and poetic personality to the camera.

Go out better or worse, which is clear that the widows have undoubtedly an arsenal in the explicit field with Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicky, Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Kaluuya, Carrie Coon, Colin Farrell, Jacki Weaver and Robert Duvall, among others. PIt seems impossible for nobody to end up in explanatory categories.

6 "If Beale Street could talk"

It's impossible for Barry Jenkins they live an Oscar-winning ceremony that moved more than he had "Moonlight". Absolutely impossible This gem ended with the grand prize of the night against the great favorite ("Star of the Stars: La La Land") in one of the most striking and inconvenient results of the history of prizes.

Well, a few months later, the director can repeat the triumph, although we hope that in a more ideal way, with the adaptation of "If Beale Street Can Talk", the adaptation of the novel by James Baldwin, which tells the story of Tish, is Harlem's pregnant and new fiancé, who fights against hours to prove the innocence of her partner. The golden opportunity to rejoice in the talent of the director, who is already the history of Oscar. Although, surely, not the way you want it.

7 "Death and Life John F. Donovan"

This tense relationship, which seems to sustain the Academy's cinemaographer Xavier Dolan, a real Canadian filmmaker, who is 29 years of age, is somewhat similar to the insult, spent the worst moment after the controversial absence of the wonderful "Mommy", his best work to date, in category of best foreign languages. A less controversial decision can be taken care of in order to compensate for the "Death and Life of John F. Donovan", a new project in which the directormanaged to combine the voice of genuine dreams: Kit Harington, Jacob Tremblay, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Michael Gambon, Natalie Portman, Thandie Newton or Adele Sama. Scandal

A group of top performers, including Jessica Chastain, who ended her decision with the final assembly Dolan, who finally had the opportunity to reconcile with the most important awards in the industry. Of course it has been worth it for many years.

Death and Life John F. Donovan in eCartel

8 "Favorite"

A priori, Yorgos Lanthimos does not seem like a filmmaker, whose proposals, always unpredictable, risky and to some extent demanding, begin with the preference to win the Oscar. In fact, many people still celebrate the nomination for the best original script for the excellent "Langosta". However, "The Favorite", his next project after an unclassified "St John's Rage" offers solid arguments to start thinking that the Greek will eventually be drawn into the battle for the statues.

In short: Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone, Olivia Colman and Nicholas Hoult, who play in a historical drama about the policies that took place during the reign of Anne Stuart. Even if Lanthimos pulls for the most perverse side, we are in front of a band that could fully enter categories such as Best Art Direction or Best Costume. Dragging "low".

Favorite in eCartel

9 "First Man"

Oscar won the director of "Stars of the Stars: La La Land", Damien Chazelle.

Ryan Gosling as the protagonist.

The real story of the astronaut Neil Armstrong, one of the essential personalities of American history.

And above all, the feeling that she was the last experience in the Oscar and the actor very close to television torture for millions of viewers around the world.

The compensation effect has led to the most absolute limit, the feeling of "debt" for the past of bad drink and of the eye, certainty that we are confronted with one of the proposals with more possibilities to become a band of the year, we make the "First Man" from the moment his impetus was announced, the first favorite for Oscar for the best film. Although we started it a few years ago, we sing "City of Stars" and, well, we already know how it ended.

The first man – the first man in eCartel

10 "Women in Marwan"

With Robert Zemeckis, whom you never know, the same plant produces you a masterpiece that deals with the most famous boredom. In any case, I should be honest one of the brightest Hollywood filmmakers in recent decades and with all our strength, we believe that your 'Marwen's Women' in the end, meet expectations.

Starring Steve Carell, who is increasingly interested in adding Oscar to his career, we are in front of a real story about Mark Hogancamp, a man who woke up after a comedy nine days after the attack with complete amnesia. Since then, his only therapy was the production of models with numbers of soldiers from the Second World War. From this mixture of drama and fantasy, we look forward to everything in the visual, reliable value of the Zemeckis brand and in the emotional, a factor that seems more than crucial to the film's ability to become part of the next artwork race.

11 "Mary, the Queen of the Scottish islands"

Okay, we do not have much information from Josie Rourke's new director, but "Mary, Queen of Scots," her first full-length movie, cIt has all the necessary elements to be taken as one of the first favorites facing multiple Oscars. And two. Biopic about the life of Queen Mary Stuart in Scotland, which places special emphasis on monarchic confrontations with her cousin Elizabeth I, this historical drama with a luxurious figure and purely British essence, features in her show with two of the most important stars appeared at the last stage in Hollywood: Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, two great performers who have already fought in the latest edition of the best actress awards, thanks to their role in the exceptional "Lady Bird" and "Yo, Tonya", respectively.

If you do not know whether the whole film will be in line with expectations, we cross our fingers so that in the end there is not something like a desktop phone, we have (almost) certainty that both will have a lot of presence at the next Prize Race. Yeah, again. And those that are needed.

Mary, Queen of Scotland in eCartel

12 "Deleted Boy"

The Oscars may want to join the parties and celebrations that followed the second golden age of the great Nicole Kidman's career. For this, "Boy Erased," the second feature film by Joel Edgerteon after the remarkable "El racket" championship, can be a great vehicle. And that's that we are facing a completely disgraceful story which tells the story of a son of a Baptist preacher who is forced to participate in a church-sponsored homosexual treatment program.

The drama in which Kidman is, which gives a feeling that he needs very little to slip into the category of the best actor of this race, will be followed by Russell Crowe, owners of Edgerton and Lucas Hedges, less promises and more certainty.

Boy deleted in eCartel

13 "Nice boy"

We talked about stories that are starting with the advantages of fighting for statues already on paper? All right, here is a summary of "The Good Boy": the chronicle of dependence on methamphetamine and the recovery through the eyes of a father who looks at his son during a fight against this disease. Do you need more? We have it: Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet as protagonists and director of the renowned "Alabama Monroe", Felix Van Groeningen, for the camera.

No more to add.

Beautiful Boy in eCartel

14 "Rome"

In recent years, taking into account the latest edition, the Oscars and Mexico live a credible love story. Despite being one of the most respected filmmakers in the country, Alfonso Cuarón, and what his Compadres Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu have achieved, Oscar is the best film. Yes, the three count on their shelves with the best director, but they still lack this key ingredient in the most important category.

About how to do it with the master "Gravity", a film that gave the impression that the Academy awarded any other year in which it did not compete against "12 years of slavery," and we talked about elements outside strictly cinematic, Cuarón try again with "Roma", his special and authoritative view of Mexico in the seventies. A global personal project of the director, which leaves no one indifferent. And this includes the academy.

15 "Black Panther"

Shut up already started. It helps people's push, historical collections, global enthusiasm and, above all, the feeling that it is truly a major offender whose weight will not remain solely in the present. "Black Panther" Perhaps he is selected, who ultimately casts superhero films in the Best Film category.

Moreover, it all points to the fact that we are in the field now or never, which is more than an addition to the glorious extension of the work of the academy, whose new members put on less predictable options. Victory is a mission more than impossible, but if within a few months it keeps echoes and it seems complicated that this does not happen, King Wakanda can opt for the most beautiful statue.

Black Panther in eCartel

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