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Karen Doggenweiler opposed Cristian Sánchez because he did not want to kiss the other night in Talca – Talca 2019 – 24 hours

Karen Doggenweiler criticized Cristiana Sánchez because she did not want to kiss the other night in Talca

Although the animator initially resisted, he ended up not giving him one, but three kisses. Tvn


The kiss of animators is already the tradition of all festivals Karen Doggenweiler did not allow Cristián Sánchez to escape the second night Talca Independence Party.

When the animators entered the stage of the Claro's esplanade, the public began immediately begging for a kiss The animator wanted to avoid this by inviting the attendees not to be "childish".

In response to his partner Karen reprimanded him. "He's afraid to keep him", he told the newspaper and added "If Diana (Bolocco, the wife of the animator) did not go to Olmué, she will not come, which is more distant"he said, he released the laugh.

There he waited for the driver and kissed his partner with the applause.


But this did not stop because Sanchez liked the idea and finally gave Karen three times.

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