José Antonio Kast moves and now does not rule out the competition in the presidential primary games in Chile Vamos


The former UDI deputy and current leader of the Republican Action Movement last year directly participated in the presidential election and were deducted from participating in the internal primary sectors of the sector and claimed that they were "not true". Now it's your chance to drive. "This is an alternative that we have open," he admitted.

José Antonio Kast does not exclude the possibility of participating in some possible primary elections in Chile. The presidential candidate will determine the right to vote in 2022.

So he saw this in an interview for a radio program in La Clave. "I do not rule out, I believe that the scenarios are changing rapidly, but today we are open, we are doing more collectively, there is a Republican committee of action, with which we make certain decisions," he said in the midst of an awkward schedule due to the visit by Eduardo Bolsonaro to Chile, Brazilian President-elect (in the picture).

Kast, a former UDI member and current leader of the Republican campaign, attended last year's presidential elections, which according to official figures received nearly 8% of the support, almost 523,000 votes. electoral service (Servel).

The expressions in Kast in La Clave regarding the mechanism of the elements are given at a time when there is still no official position in Chile regarding the participation of the leader of the Republican action in this process, which is a question that divides the right-wing bloc.

"Not real"

Kast's statement contradicts his position in 2017 when he withdrew from his participation in the presidential right of the right, despite repeated calls for association, and decided to directly declare his name in the presidential election.

On this occasion, he said that he did not believe that they were "real primary" because they were ultimately organized to "privilege the candidate, in this case, Sebastian Piñera", which was taken over by Manuel José Ossandón and Felipe Kast in those elections.

The shift of Kasta with respect to the primary coincides with its strengthening strategy in the sector, and that's what the analysts had for Criteria Research director Cristián Valdivieso.

"What Kast has done well is polarizing, install with some validity in the niche, such as Trump: what Kast does not polarize and goes for primary," said an analyst in a recent report by El Mostrador.

In this strain set by Kast, his multiple statements derive from the most difficult part of the sector, which publicly criticizes the government in matters such as dealing with the Catrillan case or demanding even more tough immigration matters and pressuring La Moneda.

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For example, today it has been consulted on the arrival of "better times", the former deputy said, "in some issues we can say that when a safe classroom has been approved, the best times have obviously occurred because the violence in school classrooms. "

However, he explained that "when they approve the law on gender equality, obviously these are not better times for me or when they retire to Sopa, they are not better times for me".


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