Saturday , July 24 2021

… It’s creative, a man is arrested in China for smuggling 256 processors that were glued to his body »Hero Network

Because the world has changed because of the pandemic it caused COVID-19, many markets have changed with it. Today, it is one of the most important technologies, as many countries now have a large market in this area. It turns out that with the recent success of cryptocurrencies, many people have devoted themselves entirely to finding high-performance processors for mining. In this way, they manage to make farms and earn a lot of money, and not only that CPU they can do it. This has led to a lot of smuggling of this product, especially in countries like China. Here they stopped a man who had together 256 processors glued to the body.

The crisis crisis has led to a major CPU smuggling

The company’s business cryptoactive substances is currently heavily exploited, but requires a CPU quite strong. That’s why on the bridge Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau they stopped the truck for a routine inspection. However, the motive in question was quite nervous from the start, so he was suspiciously asked to get out of the vehicle.

It was then that the reason for his nervousness was discovered, as it turned out that the subject had more than 200 CPU that he smuggled. These were processors i7-10700 and i9-10900K from Intel which he had stuck all over his body. It is certainly not illegal to have these products China, but with the great shortage that has occurred, there are problems with these practices. This is because they are trying to jump through customs controls.

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