"It's Agustin": a memo that left Tomas' reaction after revealing the hidden truths Social Networks


Mega teleserie Hidden truths Issue a chapter on the impact, as many secrets appear.

One of them is that Amelia is actually Agustin, something that Tomás, her husband, did not know, and Rocío was responsible for telling her after she was thrown by her sister down the stairs.

Both had a strong argument because Rocío found that Maria Luisa found out that Mom Tomasito had switched to Laura and decided to deal with her.

After seeing her on the ground, Amelia escaped with her son. Within a few minutes, Verdugo doctor arrived at the call of a worker who witnessed a powerful scene.

When Gonzalo's sisters announced that her child was intact and did not suffer a fall, Tomas arrived and asked for explanations.

Tired and angry of everything they had to live, she decided to tell the truth about who her husband was: Agustina and Amelia were the same person and married with him, there was a plan to escape with the child.

Her surprising face was that the viewers celebrated with her and began a fun memo on Twitter's social network and left you below:


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