It was tried by a new project: Monserrat Álvarez left Kanal 13 to sign for CHV | TV and shows


As it happens every year, a classic television crane is emerging on the horizon, which mobilizes faces of different channels. In this context, those who have suffered several changes, the press teams.

A few days ago it was announced that Andrea Aristegui would leave TVN after 17 years after accepting the Mega offer. On Friday, another blow was confirmed in the Chilean newspaper, as Channel 13 announced that Monserrat Álvarez will no longer be part of his team since December 31.

"We thank Monserrat for the valuable work he has done over the last eight years in various groups and forms that provide journalistic strength and human warmth. We wish you success in your next projects", This was stated in a communique that was shared from the former Catholic station.

Although it was speculated that it could reach the TVN, it was finally confirmed that the journalist would sign for Chilevisión: "I had the opportunity to use this window (negotiate), which is the concession that the contracting company gives the one who gives it the freedom to operate. It is good because in this case we offer a service and only my window coincides with the offer of another TV station . "

According to Monserrat, the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias said that the project offered by the Turner group signal, which motivated it to leave "13" after eight years in its ranks.

"I like it. I'm interested in changing and motivating me the project that was offered to me. The channel 13 gave me a lot, there are few drivers who were given the opportunity to be assigned in different areas (thinking welcome in Hello and goodbye) and I am very grateful. The channel was also complicated for the last time and was emotionally complex, " related journalist.

It should be noted that this Friday was the last day on Channel 13 as it coincided with a couple of weeks of holidays, so it is very likely that we will soon see it in CHV. Now the question is, what will he do in the new television station? "I can not say more in detail, but the same thing that I do here would not disappear. Grace does something else. "


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