It was the winner between Nicolas Gavilán and Francisco Valenzuelo in Pasapalabra


Nicolás Gavilán before that, a commercial engineer was loaded, Francisco Valenzuela in this new chapter, "Pasapalabra", in which they fought for a super-accumulated rosace of 88 million pesos.

The participants came to the final game with a small time difference. The captain of the blue team, Francisco Valenzuela he managed to get it 147 together with Jean Phillpe Cretton in María Eugenia Larraín.

While the orange team captain, Nicolás Gavilán achieved 139 seconds Trinidad De La Noi in Oscar Garcés.

The student of the music failed to complete the rosace, but he won the chapter and will return to the competition for super accumulated rosco 90 millionin the next one #PasapalabraCHV.


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