"It aroused me": the lover wanted to take a photo with a Dakar truck and break it Sports


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Rally Dakar 2018

An unusual situation was in Lima as part of it Rally Dakar 2019 with an enthusiastic amateur who wanted to have selfie with one of the impressive machines.

It turned out that the young man entered the Dakar truck's truck to take a photo, but in the attempt he finished damaging the front of the vehicle.

Nervous, the fan wanted to put part of his body on the laughter of his companions.

At that moment, the pilot truck noticed and blamed the young man for his "condor."

They tried to put off a piece between them, even without success.

The first Dakar Rally Day was held this Monday between Limousin and Pisk, on the west coast of the country; while this Tuesday runs from Pisco to San Juan de Marcon. The competition will end in Lima, next Thursday 17. t


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