Is that you, Skynet? Artificial intelligence is "open" and only works online


Obviously, Terminator, Matrix and many other films that talk about the extinction of the human race by machines have not taught us anything, because while we continue to autonomous artificial intelligence, the new report ensures that the video game EVE Online took control of itself and started is to lead battles among themselves without instructions or human administration.

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The artificial intelligence of the online gameplay went out of control and triggered the battle between the three cosmic fleets (pirates, miners and vagabonds) without any involvement of people.

In November 2017, CCP Games released an update that expanded the possibilities of the so-called players (NPCs), and this was when they began to fight for the control of territories

Thus, the "pirates" began to take control of the territory and sources of "miners" when a part of the "vagabund" appeared in the sector. "It is not known whether it was an accident or if artificial intelligence responded to its actions," the media reported. Then the pirates and another part of the Amarran Empire flotilla – merged and fought together against a common enemy. Flotilla Amarr defeated vagabonds, but they were betrayed by the pirates and were the winners of this battle.

"It's not known whether it was an accident, or if artificial intelligence has responded to its actions," said 3Dnews.

CCP games have opened up research to learn more about the risks of playing this controlled artificial intelligence and how far these consequences will follow.


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