Tuesday , October 26 2021

Intel will not restrict cryptocurrency mining on its Alchemist cards


In a recent interview about his GPU Arc Alchemist , Intel has revealed that it will not use any hardware or software limiters or locks to deter cryptocurrency miners. This could be understood as a missed opportunity for Intel as it is a dispersion rate limiter Nvidia he was hailed by the players, despite numerous cheats to unlock.

In Intel’s defense, these are new GPU they focus exclusively on games, not trying to distract certain customers. As Roger Chandler of Intel says, “We are not currently designing this product and are not building any features specifically designed for miners“Although nothing will deter miners, as well as nothing that would be particularly appealing to them.

There is also the fact that most mining is done through operating systems Linux and Intel Linux drivers are open source. Which means like AMD, if you want to have some sort of scatter speed limiter that can work in the Linux world, you should switch to proprietary drivers.

Nevertheless, as we have seen in the past year, cryptocurrency miners have not been prevented from purchasing almost all gaming graphics processors that have ever been released, which has led them to work in digital cryptocurrency mines. While we still hope it will be mining Ethereum ends soon, this has not been fixed so far.

It’s hard for Intel, or for someone else who has been measuring interest in their first GPU for years, but given the market situation and assuming it is at least reasonably competitive, we should assume that there will be many. in interest Alchemist. Having another player in the market is great, but only if there is a stock to support the launch.

Intel is also talking about support for XeSS games. “We are currently actively working with dozens of studios. “, states Roger Chandler and that “we should expect a very healthy collection of games that will grow aggressively over time. ”

A question that still hangs over ability Intel to provide a competitive gaming graphics processor is software. Intel advocated a program to release drivers for its GPUs, Chandler replied: “Yes. You also know that we will be posting updates related to some major titles that will also come out because we can do a lot of great work there. “

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