In the vast: this was a tense fight by Arturo Longton with Loret Araveno in "Podebs Hablar" | TV and playback


Tonight was an intense star segment We can talk The Chileis, in which they intervened Aldo Schiappacasse, Francisca Undurraga, Francisco Vidal, Loreto Aravena, Ximena Rivas and Arturo Longton. That's exactly what happened at the most tense moment of space.

Exchico's reality showed a rather intense relationship at night, so she constantly fell into discussions with Aravena and Rivas.

The most tense was when questions were asked about whether the participants could live 500 thousand pesos or if they were ever ignorant.

But the most important moment was when they met to discuss current issues. At that moment, the meetings between them continued.

At another point, son Longton's son told Aldu Schiappacasse, who is a sports journalist "They did not dare to say things like they are."

Until there was a moment when Araven told Longton that "I had a violent relationship", which brought man to expression "We are like this for such an opinion." and then he stopped from the place and left.

In addition, Longton added: "The actors look at less and they believe the most. I can share two with them. "Then he left the recording kit.


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