In Spain, Real Madrid have returned to the cargo Alexis Sanchez Sport


Before Alexis Sánchez will come as a number Manchester United, in Europe, it was widely assumed that this was also a priority for Real Madrid.

Well, time has passed and in Chile again put Chile in the orbit of Madrid, after Chain Being in your program "Sports carousel"this will be a confirmation Chile is in triple who drives the last Champions League champion to sign this season.

White people are urgently looking for a replacement Cristiano Ronaldo and Chilean seems to be one of the main candidates to take its place in the capital.

The other two interests of Madrid are: Mauro Icardi and Timo Werner.

In the case of concrete, tocopillano will defend the colors of barcelona, ​​which was played between 2011 and 2014. t He played 141 games and scored 46 goals.


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