In El Molle, 28 people were poisoned


28 people, among students and teachers of the La Serena school, suffered food poisoning after they visited a spiritual visit to El Molle on Wednesday.

They began to feel severe pain in the stomach and symptoms of diarrhea, so they were referred to the emergency department at La Serena Hospital and later to their homes because none of them needed hospitalization.

"This is an outbreak associated with foodborne illnesses. In La Serena, there were 25 students and 3 teachers attended by doctors. As Seremía de Salud we monitor the event, we closely monitor the development of the affected people, we take the necessary measures related to the investigation and we are waiting for the results of the epidemiological study, "informed the health sermons Alejandro García.

In addition, the health authority has made recommendations to avoid poisoning on the eve of a big week.

"We call for the prevention of such outbreaks of food-borne illnesses as it approaches the Big Week and consumes a large amount of fish and seafood. The community should tell them to eat only in certain places that have a sanitary resolution by Seremía de Salud. to buy in well-established places and to always keep themselves cooked food in order to avoid any health problems, "added seremi.


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