In 2018, Banco de Chile surpassed Santander


The company, affiliated with the Lukšić Group and Citibank, exceeded the Spanish capital bank by almost 3,000 million dollars

It all seems that the best economic scenario the country had in 2018 knocked on the door of the two main banks in the country: Santander and Banco de Chile. This latest company, chaired by Pablo Granifó, reported a profit of $ 594 billion at the end of December. compared to 2017 it increased by 3.2%.

While Santander reported that his profit at the end of 2018 reached 591 billion dollars. In this way, last year's performance of the company, managed by Claudio Melandri, reached a 2.5% increase over 2017.

With that Banco de Chile surpassed Santander with the profit achieved over the past year by almost $ 3,000. We must not forget that in 2017 the situation was taken over by Santander.

In the coming days Bci and ItaúCorpbanca will also report their results.


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