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With the Clash Royale filling station and the great attention of Supercell, which focused on the further exploitation of its ladies who laid gold eggs, most of us were already afraid of the worst when the company stated that it had a prediction that about Brawl Stars. Due to the unusual message, more than one emphasized that they would finish the project resolution, but what happened was the exact opposite.

Brawl Stars has reached the expected world edition a few days ago and thus comes to the final version of this scout shooter, inspired by PC MOBA, but with the played twist that promised to give life to a new genre with everything needed leave a print

Supercer jumper

It can not be denied that the footprint is really there, and no doubt it is fun. With three apparently playable bars to move, we shoot in any direction and do the same with a special attack when we are loaded on the basis of harmful opponents, it has everything you need to create a shooting game that is accessible as solid.

By referring to the usual line of progress made by other free players as Fortune as standard standards, progress will open up coins, chests, experience amps, and characters, each with speed, statistics and powers that are unique to them in progress.

We will do this with a different one playing modes in rotation: Get 10 jewels and hold them 15 seconds in front of the opposing team, a handball game filled with cartoon violence, an attack on a safe in a duel to see who decides ahead of the competitor's team and even a round of Battle Royale with a small map consisting of 10 players.

No one shines in a spectacular way, but this is undoubtedly the one who takes the cake. Too much to create the usual PUBG voltage or Fortnite, it's small enough that the strategy is trying to hold it until there are two or three enemies, always the most recommended option.

A lot of ideas for such a little incentive

I can not say I do not enjoy games that are almost in the moment Brawl Stars it pulls me in the face, but it's no less true that there are feelings between this and Clash Royale The distances are remote. What was almost instantaneous connection, here is completely lost.

I do not know if this is a problem of the promotional system and how a slow start-up cap (when it should be much more generous to draw attention), or if the problem is too predictable on some of the measures taken. While it is true that there was something where there was room for an epic to turn the result into a seemingly lost result, 90% of the games saw the first meeting with competitors already clear who will prevail over the next minutes.

You lost that strategy and effect of surprise to continue to preserve the starry game of the company to this day. So at a certain point you continue to play more from curiosity and see what things you unlock then, just the fact that you enjoy the games.

The improvement margin is there and maybe I'm putting a little more desire to keep progressing in order to click into my head at a certain moment, but now it does not seem that there will be something that will happen in the short term. It would not be weird that the doubts I have now have the same ones that they had Brawl Stars in the process of testing and improving for more than a year.


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