Images of Jupiter, described as "works of art"


NASA sent a spacecraft Juno Jupiter in 2011. Well, Juno had some time to get there, but she did it.

The images were taken by spacecraft in their flight number 16, October 29, he said NASA.

Juno flew and arrived in Jupiter only in July 2016. Spacecraft were launched so that scientists could study the composition and development of Jupiter and impress them with what they found. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and is by far the largest planet in the entire solar system.

"The general theme of our findings is how Jupiter is different from what we expected," said Scott Bolton, lead researcher at Juno at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, when the first images were revealed last May. "This is a close and personal view of Jupiter, and we thought it was internal and relatively dull. What we find out is the opposite," he added.

The water colors in this image are clouds in the moderate Jupiter North-North belt, NASA reports.

And like the clouds on Earth, people are looking for ways in them.

NASA started the game.

But others have read to do the same with observations ranging from squid to bird.

He still did not report a plane or superman. But NASA tweeted images that are clearly a dolphin herd.

NASA said it will mark the center of data gathering on June 21st as the main mission to Juno.


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