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"I do not know if I return to TV"

Almost three months after her departure from TVN, the future of Maria Elena Swett is uncertain. "Mane", as it is known in the entertainment world, would think that it will not return to television now.

Her last appearance after nearly three months of silence was on Telethon in the segment "I Want To Be", where Swett mimicked the singer Amy Winehouse with Rehab, praised by both public and social networks, as his characterization was the most realistic in appearance. Although she does not have a perfect voice, her dress and makeup is almost the same as a British singer.

The protagonist of "Wena Profe", the latest television series, is quite tight after her departure from the state signal. Actually, she was the only actor who did not issue statements, unlike her colleagues Amparo Noguere and Luis Alarcón.

But yesterday, after visiting the Iguales Foundation dinner, Las Ultimas Noticias talked about his future work, admitting that "I do not know if he returns to TV. This time I want to decide what I want to do. I hired a heir since I was 22 years old who did not know what should be when I'm 39. The only time I was outside the telescope was before me and post-natal, "he said.

His long and promising career began in 1998, when he just left the Duos School of Music, and debuted in the Mega Side of the Other Side of the Mirror, but he finally took off with the TV series "Machos" in 2003. From there I am not stopping more: 15 television series, broadcasts, television series, four films, in addition to participating as a driver with Ricardo Astorgo, in La Ruta de Shangri-la.

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