Huawei problems France and Germany


Deutsche Telekom has announced that it will review its supplier's policy and Orange said that the Chinese company would not employ to build a mobile 5G mobile network in the Gaelic country.

In addition to the Huawei-based conflict in the United States, the Chinese technology giant faces new challenges in Europe after Deutsche Telekom announced that it will review its supplier policy, while French Orange said it would not employ a building up its network of suppliers. the fifth generation (5G) of mobile telephony in the Gaelic country.

The announcements by the leaders of the markets of both countries, state assets, followed the exclusion of Huawei for reasons of national security in some of the neighboring countries of the United States led by Australia.

According to Washington, Huawei responds to the Chinese state and its network equipment can have a "back door" that would allow cyber-spyware.

The Deutsche Telekom revision takes place when US regulators analyze the proposed US unit T-Mobile USA, sold by Sprint Corp, managed by the Japanese Softbank group.

Huawei says safety concerns are unfounded.

The tensions have increased as a result of the arrest of a financial manager of Huawei in Canada due to possible extradition to the United States.


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