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How to view Amazon Prime Video content on Google Chromecast

Streaming service Amazon prime video it's becoming more and more interesting because the films and series they contain are of high quality and are therefore more attractive to users. For the moment, it is not possible to send the content of the home language to the address Chromecast. We'll show you how to get it from your phone or computer.

The truth is that this option should be offered when using the Amazon platform, but it makes sense that this does not happen – at least for a moment – as the company led by Jeff Bezos has its own little player named Fire. TV Stick. An example is that there are ways Enjoy series such as Jack Ryan or Wonderful Maisel on TV the place where Chromecast is installed. We leave the following link from Amazon:

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How to send Amazon Prime video content to your Chromecast from your smartphone

To accomplish this, you need to use the application Google Home Page, which is the Chromecast player manager itself and has an option called a design device, which allows you to see on the TV the same as on the phone's screen. Then we leave download links development for iOS and Android:

Google Home Page
Google Home Page

Google Home Page
Google Home Page

These are steps send in a simple way Content you see in Amazon Prime Video:

  • Turn on your TV with Chromecast connected
  • Now start Google Home, and when you're on the main screen, click icon in the bottom to the right (It has a doll image surrounded by a circle)
  • A new screen is displayed and the screen appears Additionally you need to click Project device and in the window you will see which player is available

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The next thing is that you usually start the Amazon video platform and start seeing what interests you. So automatically when a video is made, it goes to vertical format It captures the entire screen of the smartphone as well as television.

How to send Amazon Prime Video content to your Chromecast from your computer

You can achieve this by using advanced and test options browser Chrome, because among them is one that accurately serves to send content from the computer to the Chromecast player. You need to do this:

  • Open the Google browser and select the menu that appears when you click the icon with three vertical points in the top right corner
  • Select Send … and then you'll see a small window in which you need to select the Chromecast player
  • Now you will see options that allow you to control over volume Choose whether you want to watch videos in full-screen mode only on the remote screen or both. Choose what best suits your needs
  • Simply click on the option to finish the shipment Stop it

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This option until recently was during the Google experimental browser, but now it's global and the truth is It fits perfectly that Chromecast makes good use of the content of Amazon Prime Video.

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