"He's a psychopath, a liar and …", current actress Cristiano Ronaldo


There was a dispute again Cristiano Ronaldo. And in this case, the actress and model, Jasmine Lennard, who was paired with the character of Juventus, spread a few messages against him via social networks. In addition, the English artist ensured that he co-operated with an infringement that weighed on l.

The Portuguese crack was criminalized Kathryn Mayorga jo he was raped in 2009 during a tour by Manchester United of England in Las Vegas, in the United States. In addition, the lawyer of the alleged victim last year revealed that three other women could join, but they still did not disclose their identity.

These were the political messages that Cristiano post on Twitter:

– When I thought about it a lot, I turn to Kathryn Mayorga and her legal team I help with his rape charges against Cristiano Ronaldo. Please contact me. I have information that I think might be useful to you in your case. "

– "He legitimately thinks he will get rid of this … We had a relationship for a decade and we communicated every day for a year and a half so that I have messages and unpredictable records"

– "He has serious problems with mental health, his life is a lie. He's a fucking psycho, a liar and a stalker"

– "There is nothing in life that bother me more than the stalkers … Those people who abuse their position of power to harass people who can not defend themselves."

– "It's not no." That does not mean no. If you continue with a sexual act when a woman screams at you, you are a raider and a monster., and I do not like to play football or good singing. "

– "I refuse to sit longer, it's not right, I feel like I'm his accomplice … and I can not … Contact me Kathryn, help me."

– "Despite your efforts to persuade me and keep me quiet, I will do the right thing, share my information with the public so that you can make your own decisions, you can sue me, but what is in the public interest and failed"

– That's what he told me If I meet someone or a room in the house, they will be kidnapped, they will cut my body, put it in a bag and thrown it into the river.. I have proof of what I am saying. He's a psychopath.

– "I'm not afraid … And yes, it's true I saved all your dirty secrets for a decade. But that's gone too far. I will not defend him against these accusations, because I think he is guilty.


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