Thursday , July 29 2021

Heavy rains in the north leave six dead, 45 victims and forced preventive evacuations

According to the latest report he submitted. T National Emergency Office (Onemi) the rain that hit the regions Arica and Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Atacama it stayed together six people died, 45 were victims, 282 were sheltered, 173 homes were destroyed, 127 homes with greater damage, and 1,546 with less damage.

In the night, intense precipitation fell Arica and Parinacota, which forced the authorities to evacuate residents of the sectors in a preventive manner Pampa Algodonal, Guata Lobo, Pan de Azúcar, Surire and Cerro Blanco, to activate the flows. Likewise, 72 people from the Las Llosyas sector in the Arica municipality were forced to leave their homes and arrive in Liceo Agrícola in Azapa, where they spent the night.

In addition, 95 people remain in Epicenter 1 due to the inability to move on the A-5 road; in the agricultural Liceo de Azapa (86); and in the Poconchile School for the overflow of the Lluta River in Chapisca.

On the other hand, one person was killed during this period, in addition to eleven victims in Camarones, 98 destroyed houses, 39 major injuries and 103 with less damage.

In the case of. T Region Tarapacá, there are two dead people, 34 people are protected. In relation to fatalities, circumstances are being investigated, but it is reported that the person was found on the banks of the Camiña River (in the city of Apamilca) and other persons in the city of Macaya (Pozo Almonte). , who died due to the structural collapse of his home.

The authorities also warned the population of the state of roads and motorways, most of which were affected by the presence of mud and water, which resulted in no circulation in these areas.

In the meantime, Onemi regionalizer Tarapacá carried out a preventive evacuation in the Zofri Mall and the industrial district of Iquique.

V Region of Antofagasta three deaths were reported (all from Calama), 24 casualties, 53 shelters, 75 homes, 1420 homes with minor damage, and 78 with great damage.

In the municipality of San Pedro de Atacama, 105 affected people are reported, 75 homes destroyed, 75 with major injuries, 20 with minor injuries, and 49 disabled people in the E-26 school.

It should be noted that yesterday, President Sebastián Piñera traveled to Calamo to fly over and order catastrophic area in the province of El Loa.

The president is now accompanying the area with Interior Minister Rodrigo Ubilla to go to Arico at 13.00, and he is expected to arrive at 15.00.

Current alerts

Red alerts for the Arica and Parinacota region after meteorological events.

Red alerts for Tamarugal Province, Tarapacá Region, after meteorological events.

Red alerts for the province of El Loa and the municipality of Antofagasta, the Antofagasta Region, after meteorological events.

Preventive Early Warning for the Copiapó districts, Tierra Amarilla, Diego de Almagro and Alto del Carmen, the Atacama Region, after meteorological events.

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