He let his mother think about his ex-girlfriend with this picture


The photo on Instagram was exposed to Raquel Argandoña. And this is nothing less than your daughter's account, Raquel Calderón.

This is a photo uploaded by a lawyer and user into a popular social network, on a racing car. There is an animator and Radio Agricultura's face has written "Haha, something reminds me", which made more than one speculation. But this was welcome on the channel 13 in the morning where you approached her and asked her what she was referring to.

"This picture reminds me of something because it was a picture when I was so bad with Elise because I started walking when I was married," he said. In addition, she revealed that her romance was revealed when Salazar invited her to Brussels to watch one of her careers and that La Tercera had noticed her presence on the television show, and later spoke about it in the city.


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