He did not dare to laugh when he remembered the most "strange" broadcast he had to present: an extra-terrestrial seminar | TV and playback


José Antonio Neme He sent this morning in the window Similar to, where he laughed among others who spoke an unusual story: he had to be the leader of a seminar on alien encounters.

First, a journalist Ahoranoticias He said that he was not very sure when he received the proposal, but he finally decided to accept it.

"I was once invited by people who met other spirits, such as contacts. I said, "Are you sure I'm at this table?". They said "yes, because you can channel everything". I replied: "This is my budget, I do not make any difference," and I finally accepted it, "he said.

He did not say that a priori's work seemed simple, as it had to be presented to the exhibitors of the meeting, but everything was complicated when it should be used as an "energy channel".

Although the same communicator confirmed that he had no knowledge of this subject, he acknowledged that he used the phrases of Pedro Engel to "get out of the way".

"There is a certain frequency that I can not hear, I hear a voice, but I can not recognize it.
I could not lie either, I was super-humorous (…) At some point I proposed to him because there was such a great pressure because there was silence. I began to say that we are in the process of change, "he said at the time.

Although the experience was strange, the reporter acknowledged that many people thanked him for establishing connections with other mundi, although he himself admitted that he did not believe in this.

"It happened when I left the TVN and before I got to the Mage, then I could take everything. Whether it's true or not, I do not know, I do not believe in these links. But I feel like I was transmitting information because people thanked me, he claimed.

It should be noted that José Antonio is currently devoting himself to the management of Ahora Noticias Matinal in Megi.


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