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Happiness to be called Coloma: an exchange of employment for relatives of the UDI senator


Usually the subject ends, turns into a boomerang, and a shot, always goes to the ass for those who raise the speech against nepotism. This was what happened to the government, given that in its role of opposition during the last presidential campaign, Michele Bachelet told many officials and advisers of the administration that they were living at the expense of the state.

When the government changed, the media followed the relatives and relatives in Chile, Vamos and those who took up positions that showed that beans were cooked everywhere and that go beyond professional skills, there are many who, by their surname or kinship, reach certain positions in the country.

While interior minister Andrés Cahdwick was fired for a while due to the fact that two of his sons were placed in various positions in the government – one of them actually resigned due to controversy – this is UDI senator Juan Antonio Coloma. , is one of those with the largest number of relatives stationed in the government.

The fact that at the moment is still noisy in the UDI sectors when the party encounters intense internal competition in order to identify its new president – between Senator Jacqueline Van Rysselbergue, who will re-decide, and Deputy Javier Macay – and one of the main Promises in the campaign were the return of lost mysticism in the guild.

Senator Coloma played all his chips for the Macaya list, in which his deputy was Juan Antonio Coloma Álamos, secretary general of the community.

Another child and his daughter-in-law came in directly and through the big doors in La Moneda to sit in the offices of key ministries. This is Jaime Coloma Álamos, an adviser to the Interior Ministry, who receives a salary of one million and nine hundred thousand pesos; Francisca Hoffmann, sister of María José Hoffmann and Deputy Col. Álamos, currently a consultant to the Ministry of the General Secretariat of the Government. Paulina Prohaska, a reporter for Segpres, is also in his palace.

To date, there are two names that also belong to Senator Colom's network, namely Tomás Hoffman, the brother of the aforementioned deputy, who is Chief of Civil Service Director-General Alejandro Weber, an entity operating over supreme public management, an institution in charge of appointing the most desirable positions in the public sector. There is also the governor of Talca, Felipe Donoso, a UDI senator.

In this scenario, President Sebastian Piñera's words during the presidential campaign are true when Senator Carolina Goica and former presidential candidate DC Carolina Goica write about the functions carried out by some of her relatives in the Bachelet administration: "few families have so many civil servants because this is because he is a member of parliament or a senator, they start their own brothers, their brothers and their relatives in the public sector.

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