Great ticket for food, left by the last world of Piñera's National cabinets


According to information revealed by Transparencia, the last government of Sebastien Piñera's government has led to the cost of "food" under the chairmanship $ 179,616 for each minister.

In addition, according to the information provided by La Tercera, the Minister for Women Isabel Plá received $ 78,621 per day for attending the session.

However, they have ensured from their portfolio that payment is a mistake and that it has demanded the return of money.

The meeting took place between 7 and 8 December in the city of Quillot in the Grenadier regiment.

Congress tourism

According to the above, according to Transparencia, according to the media, t some members of the cabinet received travel expenses each time they went to the congress, in 2018.

However, there are others who only received them several times. There are even some who never get the benefit.

Of the 23 portfolio holders, Plá recorded 35 visits in the Congress. In 26 years he received half the travel allowance ($ 31,448), in three he received $ 110,069 ("full allowance" plus $ 31,448 for food). He did not receive any money for the rest of the trip.

Andrés Chadwick (Inside) passed 20 times to the seat of the legislative group. For eight of these, he received full refund, and in four, only money for food, and in others he did not get anything.

Cristián Monckeberg (Housing) has moved to Valparaíso 15 times, so Transparencia has a fee of $ 31,448 on all trips Baldo Prokurica (Mining), although this congress has flown 13 times.

Last year, Roberto Ampuero (Foreign Affairs) has moved to Valparaíso six times and has charged $ 41,849 for each trip.

The end of the list was set José Valente (Economy), who twice charged daily food allowances.

Of the 40 options in which Hernán Larraín (Justice) has arrived in Valparaíso, Transparencia has a single payment for the food concept.

Until May, every time he traveled, Cecilia Pérez (spokesman) received $ 31,448 and – in some downloads – received $ 21,430 for gasoline. The General Secretariat of the Government ensured that after that date, the travel expenses were no longer met.

Finally, in all 2018, Gonzalo Blumel (General Secretariat of the Presidency, Segres) was 63 times congressional, but never received travel expenses.

As head of Segpres, Alberto Espina (defense), Alfredo Moreno (social development), Carolina Schmidt (environment), Juan Andrés Fontaine (public works), Emilio Santelices (health), Nicolás Monckeberg (work) and Gloria Hutt (Transport) they never received money to travel to the congress.

Both the daily allowances and the high cost of meals in the last government of the government are part of the savings plan, carried out by Piñerina's second management.

In May 2018, according to Finance Minister Felipe Larraine, this the measure means saving nearly $ 1,150 million, an amount that would amount to 4,600 million of that same currency for the period 2018-2021.

Larraín also received travel expenses in some of his trips to the Congress, complete and just for food.


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