Good afternoon for Chilean tennis: Fernanda Brito and Barbara Gatica celebrated in Argentina | Sports


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While Fernanda Brito (280 °) she was a champion in the first round women's singles tournament ITF villas del Dique, Barbara Gatica He did the same in the double championship with Brazilian Rebecca Pereira.

On the singles tournament, in the final between Argentina Carlo Lucero (715th) met Chile's Fernando Brito. Both are well-known, as they have recently played several tournaments, such as double money. Chilean won with a double 6-3 stay in the competition.

Meanwhile, Barbara Gatic with Brazilian Rebeco Pereira They also won a double 6-3 for the pair, consisting of two finalists of the singles tournament, Fernanda Brito and Carla Lucero.

Recall that this is the 27th title in the singles of Fernande Brito, while Barbara Gatica accumulates in the ninth championship as a double player.


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