Giovagnolia's self-criticism after Curicó's new draw


"Torterosi" got the fifth equality in eight games at the national tournament. The Argentine coach emphasized the early goals that the team received.

"We started with a very marked degree of neglect, in both cases"began with the announcement of Dalcio Giovagnolia after 2: 2 against Everton at the La Granja Stadium.

"We were always in the hill and we never managed to master the time of the match, it was an effort that went beyond the planned, there are errors like the early goals we received, there are things we need to think about"he added the Argentine coach.

Curicó achieved his fifth equality in eight games of the tournament. The next day you will visit University of Chile. "With this type of equipment, low performances are very transient and there will be a very difficult game ahead of us," he said in connection with the moment of blues.


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