Gasoline has accumulated 69 pesos of fall, and by the end of February, the economy is to be reduced


The government has said that the price of fuel will fall in the next seven weeks. This was announced by Finance Minister Felipe Larraín, who estimates the decline in gasoline and diesel fuel levels by the end of February.

This scenario would be added to the fall in prices since October, accumulating in 70 pesos of decline. The executive director estimates that at the end of February, a total of 100 pesos will be cut in average fuel prices, which would result in an annual saving of 150 thousand pesos per vehicle, which travels 1,500 kilometers per month, says the State Secretary.

"Chileans will be in the most important period of holidays with gasoline prices on the lower side," he said.

Although a steady decline is not due to the government's merit, because the reduction in fuel prices is directly linked to the international scenario, said Hernán Frigolet, an academician at the University of Santiago, "because we had pressures on the side of the type of exchange rates (dollar)".

At the same time, the unbearable decline – for the twelfth consecutive week – contributes to a reduction in inflation, which, according to the Finance Minister, benefits, among others, those who have mortgage loans in UF.


Specifically, the National Oil Company (ENAP) has explained that prices will fall again due to a mechanism for stabilizing fuel prices (MEPCO), which has prevented the pressure on the rise in the price of the dollar.

According to the state-owned company, from the fourth day to the middle of January 16, a liter of 93 octane gasoline will decrease by -5.8 pesos, reaching 725.7 pesos, which means a 12-point loss and a total of low 69 pesos.

On this path, the 97-octane will record its tenth week (-5.8 pesos), reaching 746.5 pesos per liter, decreasing by 62.2 pesos.

Diesel, on the other hand, will reach 547.3 pesos per liter, which means -5.8 pesos less than last week. Kerosene, in the same row, will notice a new drop, this time -5.9, reaching 461 pesos per liter.

In the meantime, LPG will remain at the level of 202.4 pesos, as it will record a fall of -6.9 pesos compared to the previous week.

Prices correspond ENAP reference values, which only strive to provide relevant information for the fuel market, unlike those reported by the National Energy Commission in its online fuel price information system.

In fact, the company emphasizes that it can not be considered as a document that defines the value for the consumer in Chile, since they are completely free, as the Chilean market is characterized by open, competitive and deregulated.


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