Gasoline adds a new consecutive week with a series of strong price falls Economy


The National Oil Company (ENAP) announced on Wednesday the prices that will record fuel this Thursday due to a mechanism for stabilizing fuel prices (MEPCO), which has prevented the pressure of fuel prices. dollar.

According to the state-owned company, from January 10, a liter of 93 octane petrol will fall -5.8 pesos, reached 725,7 pesos as a reference, which denotes its twelfth consecutive loss.

On this route, 97 octanes will record its tenth week downwards (-5.8 pesos) and reach 746,5 pesos per liter.

Diesel, on the other hand, will reach 547,3 pesos per liter, which is -5.8 pesos less than last week.

Kerosene will record a new drop in the same line, this time -5.9, which will reach 461 pesos liter.

Meanwhile, LPG will remain 202,4 pesos, as it will record a fall of -6.9 pesos compared to the previous week.

These prices will be edited during Thursday, 10th and Wednesday, January 16th.


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